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Sartoria is a tailor-made service dedicated to architects, interior designers, contractors or customers with the need to customize and make their spaces unique.
Aluminum sheets of different thicknesses and alloys, worked like tailored suits, give shape to new ideas and the need of customers to create unique projects or to customize the products in the collection according to their needs.
Even the images and decorations printed or carved on aluminum can be personalized and made upon request.

altreforme custom projects go from urban design to hotels, retail, horeca up to museums, offices and private homes.

Thanks to the experience gained over the years and continuous research, the altreforme tailoring division is now able to create custom-made projects characterized by attention to detail, Made in Italy quality and the ability to transform a mood, a idea, a sketch, a pattern and any creative and functional need of the customer.
The wealth of knowledge and technology of the Fontana Group allow aluminum to be used as in a laboratory where products are packaged that give no limits to creativity, challenging the properties of the material with sinuosity never seen before, original finishes and elaborate decorations.
In this atelier, dedicated to bespoke creations, creativity and functionality work in synergy, offering the customer the possibility of creating top-level products that reflect his personality or the identity of the commissioning brand.

The customer can make use of co-design, planning, cold and hot forging, bending, calendering, turning, CNC milling, assembly, welding, aesthetic revision, 2D, 3D and water laser cutting, as well as infinite finishing solutions surface: a wide range of RAL colors or the choice of different raw aluminum treatments that enhance its materiality such as neutral and colored anodizing, polishing, satin finishing, translucent colors and the application of carved decorations or patterns, textures and images on aluminium.
A selection of
altreforme finishings
altreforme finishings
A selection of
altreforme bespoke projects