altreforme conceives an harmonious pattern to celebrate its XV anniversary, where the "a" of "altre" and the "f" of "forme" embrace and merge to create a vibrant chromatic texture. This creation gives life to the Signature collection and stands out on the new wallpapers, cushions and blankets, these ones made of 80% wool and 20% cachemire.
altreforme has chosen three colour palettes to present this collection: Menta, a proposal that evokes Mediterranean scenarios with blue and yellow hues; Ciliegia, a bolder combination dominated by fuchsia; Prugna, a more elegant proposal in shades reminiscent of juicy summer fruit.
The proposed colours are not the only options available, they are fully customizable to meet every client's needs. Once again, altreforme shows a one-of-a-kind product approach to satisfy the desires of each individual customer. All, of course, 100% made in Italy.