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Dice tyche is a lucky charm, a favourable accessory taking name from Tyche, the goddess of fortune in Greek mythology, declined into three versions: italia, mondo e animali.

coccinella – the ladybug brings good luck and money to those whom it flies on
corna – the hand reproducing horns takes misfortune away
corno – the horn, especially in Naples, is touched and kissed to get protection and keep misfortune away
cornucopia – the cornucopia brings richness and fertility, and is always represented full of fruits
quadrifoglio – the so rare four-leaf clover is said to bring hope, faith, love and good luck to those who find it
scopa di saggina – the broom behind the front door wipes troubles and bad luck away.

carattere cinese fu – in China the letter fu stays for good luck and happiness
susino – In Japan the plum tree represents spring, good luck and capability to face difficulties
ferro di cavallo – in Russia the horseshoe is hanged with the two ends looking towards on the front door to keep bad luck away
mano di Fatima – in the United Arab Emirates this stylized hand stays as a symbol of protection against bad luck.
loto – in India the lotus flower, born immaculate from mud, represents highest beauty
melograno – in Africa the pomegranate stays for fertility and love.

maneki neko – in China the cat brings good luck, happiness and health
fukurou – in Japan the owl brings good luck while takes away troubles and difficulties
elefante – in Russia the elephant stays for strength, health, resistance and intelligence
cavallo – in the United Arab Emirates the horse symbolizes toughness, resistance and power
mucca – in India the cow is a sacred animal, brings good luck and richness
tartaruga – in Africa the turtle represents wisdom, power and long life.

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